Bioengineering Team

The Bioengineering team is focusing on using state of the art methods to design and test novel designs of therapeutic and diagnostic recombinant proteins. We have developed novel platforms where site directed conjugation can be performed and libraries of proteins (e.g. antibody fragments) can benchmarked. We have a long history and strong expertise in protein production, purification, modification and characterization. We are doing recombinant expression in E. coli, Baculo virus-transfected insect cells, HEK and CHO. A main focus is translation of preclinical work to clinical testing, and our team was central in the process development of the SARS-COV-2  vaccine (ABNCOV2), processes and analytical tool that has taken this vaccine now to phase 3 trials. We have also matured and developed process for a second generation VAR2CSA placental malaria vaccine, about to enter new clinical trials. To achieve this we work according to industrial standards in scalable systems ensuring possible and seamless transition to clinical testing in humans. Lead by Assistant Professor Robert Dagil we have a subteam working on producing and testing bispecific antibodies targeting ofCS in cancer and T-cells. Besides bioengineering another focus of the team is to implement mass spec technologies for studying protein modifications and protein interactions. The majority of the work is done in close collaboration with the Oncofetal Cancer team  and Oncofetal Biomarker team, where we in particular are preparing for a Phase 0 PET imaging trial in cancer patients.




We have a strong focus on facilitating the development of novel treatments and prophylactic vaccine against cancer and infectious diseases.

Diverse research covering:

  • Targeting cancer with antibodies binding oncofetal chondroitin sulfate modification. Production and test of a wide range of formats from single chain variable antibody chains to whole IgGs
  • Development of antibody drug conjugates targeting cancer. We work with a wide range of toxins including microtubule inhibitors and DNA binding toxins as well as a wide range of cleavable linkers

  •  Development of Bi-specific Molecules that target Oncofetal Condroitin Sulfate and Engage Immune Cells in Oncology. Here we design and produce bispecific formats from simple bites to whole chain paired IgGs

  • Development of the ABNCOV2 COVID19 vaccine based on our  Capsid based Virus-Like Particle Vaccines against SARS-COV-2 (VLPVAC team).

  •  Process development of a VAR2CSA based placental malaria vaccine. Here we are developing assays and process to facilitate production of VAR2CSA for cancer diagnostic uses as well as a second generation VAR2CSA vaccine.









The Bioengineering team is working closely together with other CMP research team in the preclinical development of vaccines and antibody products. In particular the team is an integrated part of the OF-CANCER team and the OF-BIOMARKER team producing and delivering high quality proteins for these programs.

Further the bioengineering team is involved a number of externally funded projects focusing on the design of novel therapeutics including bispecific antibodies, a project funded through the Novo Tandem Program in close collaboration with Center for Surgical Science at Sjællands Universitetshospital.

















Tobias Gustavsson
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 Ali Salanti