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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Adams, Yvonne MaryPostdoc CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-37675E-mail
Agerbeck, ChristinaLaboratory technician T Cell Biology +45 353-27862E-mail
Agerbæk, Mette ØrskovPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27613E-mail
Ahmad, SanaLaboratory technician Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-35412E-mail
Ahmed, Marwa Nabil AbdelazizPhD student Unit of Bacteriology +45 50 30 87 58E-mail
Ahrenkiel, David WilczekMaster thesis student Unit of Bacteriology  
Al-Jaberi, Fatima Abdul HassanResearch assistant T Cell Biology  E-mail
Al-Jaberi, Fatima Abdul HassanMaster thesis student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Alhede, MariaPostdoc Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37397E-mail
Alifrangis, MichaelAssociate professor CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-27615E-mail
Alijazaeri, Elham Marjan MohammadLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27802E-mail
Almdal, Thomas PeterPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Andersen, Anders WoetmannProfessor Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-27868E-mail
Andersen, Ditte-Mari Grusjenka ALaboratory technician Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-37418E-mail
Andersen, Dorte Dannemann   
Andersen, Jens BoAssociate professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-20649E-mail
Andersen, Leif PercivalPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Andersen, Leif PercivalPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Andersen, Mads HaldClinical professor Immunology  E-mail
Andersson, ÅsaPart-time lecturer  +45 353-36384E-mail
Attauabi, MohamedMedical student Eye Research Unit  
Bach, EmilMaster thesis student Laboratory of Experimental Immunology  E-mail
Bang-Christensen, Sara ReginaResearch assistant CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Bangsborg, Jette MariePart-time lecturer  +45 44 88 38 50E-mail
Baraka, VitoPhD student CMP - DRUGS team  E-mail
Barington, Line Alsøe CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team  E-mail
Baumann, Katrine YderstrædePhD student Inflammation and Cancer +45 40 61 79 69E-mail
Bay, Jakob ThaningPart-time lecturer  +45 35 45 34 80E-mail
Bay, LenePhD student Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37473E-mail
Bengtsson, AnjaPostdoc CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-27854E-mail
Bennike, Niels HøjsagerAssistant lecturer   E-mail
Bento Ayres Pereira, Marina MariaPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27608E-mail
Berthelsen, JensAssociate professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37434E-mail
Biduda, Sandrine CMP - DRUGS team  E-mail
Bjarnsholt, ThomasProfessor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37441E-mail
Blixenkrone-Møller, MeretePart-time lecturer   E-mail
Blümel, EddaPhD student Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Bonefeld, Charlotte MenneAssociate professor T Cell Biology +45 353-27866E-mail
Bruunsgaard, Helle Kemp   
Bukh, JensProfessor Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 353-37443E-mail
Buus, Anette StryhnAssociate professor Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-27884E-mail
Buus, SørenProfessor Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-27885E-mail
Buus, Terkild BrinkPostdoc Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-37425E-mail
Bygbjerg, Ib ChristianProfessor CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-27835E-mail
Cabrerizo Nuñez, Francisco JavierGuest researcher Eye Research Unit  E-mail
Carlsen, Philip Hassing RonøeMaster thesis student CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Castberg, Filip ChristianPhD student CMP - PATHOGENESIS team +45 25 88 27 88E-mail
Charasse, Claire AlberteAdministrative officer/secretary CMP - ADMIN team +45 353-27774E-mail
Chehabi, NahlaLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26806E-mail
Choudhary, SwatiPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-31884E-mail
Chourasia, Bishwanath KumarPostdoc CMP - GLURP team +45 353-37303E-mail
Christensen, Jan PravsgaardProfessor Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-27873E-mail
Christensen, Rikke LouiseLaboratory assistant Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-32807E-mail
Ciofu, OanaAssociate professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-27899E-mail
Claesson, Mogens HelwegProfessor emeritus Cellular and Functional Immunology Unit +45 353-27270E-mail
Clausen, Thomas MandelPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26653E-mail
Clemmensen, Stine Broch CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27075E-mail
Corfitz, AnneLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27678E-mail
Correll, Mette HedegaardPhD student Eye Research Unit  
Cramer, Elisabeth PræstekjærGuest researcher Experimental Virology Group  
Crone, Stephanie GeislerPostdoc Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37398E-mail
Dagil, RobertPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26487E-mail
Daradoumis Boluna, Joana AglaiaMaster thesis student CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team  E-mail
Dementev, AlekseiTechnician   
Ditlev, Sisse BolmPostdoc CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-26877E-mail
Ditlevsen, Ditlev Jan-FinnHead of section  +45 353-27856E-mail
Djodji Damas, NkeroremaPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Ecklu-Mensah, Gertrude Delali CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-21562E-mail
Elkjær, Marianne BondegaardLaboratory technician  +45 353-37394E-mail
Fahnøe, UlrikPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 353-34397E-mail
Farkas, ThomasPostdoc Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-30108E-mail
Fazli, Magnus MustafaResearcher Unit of Bacteriology  
Fiehn, Nils-ErikAssociate professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37428E-mail
Fischer-Nielsen, AnnePart-time lecturer  +45 35 45 88 92E-mail
Fonnes, MasjaMaster thesis student Infectious Immunology Group  E-mail
Fossat, Nicolas JulienPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Fougeroux, Cyrielle ElyettePhD student CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team +45 353-21566E-mail
Fredholm, Simon MaylandPhD student Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-37388E-mail
Fritz, Blaine GabrielPhD student Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Gadsbøll, Anne-Sofie ØstergaardPhD student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Garcia Senosiain, AsierMaster student CMP - GLURP team  E-mail
Geisler, CarstenHead of department T Cell Biology +45 353-27880E-mail
Gericke, SabrinaLaboratory assistant Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Givskov, MichaelProfessor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-27855E-mail
Gluud, MariaLaboratory assistant Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Gluud, MariaMaster thesis student Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Gomme, GretheLaboratory technician   E-mail
Gottwein, Judith MargareteAssociate professor Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 353-37444E-mail
Groizeleau, Julie Dora DonaPhD student Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37375E-mail
Grunddal, Kaare VillumPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Gustavsson, TobiasPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-32223E-mail
Hanehøj, Kirsten BuggeResearcher Cellular and Functional Immunology Unit +45 21 44 43 72
Hansen, Katrine HartungPart-time lecturer  +45 20 23 74 32E-mail
Hansen, Susan KristineDepartment secretary Administration +45 353-27850E-mail
Hansen, Zita MariaLaboratory intern Eye Research Unit +45 353-34522E-mail
Hansson, Helle SmedegaardPostdoc CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-27991E-mail
Harmsen, CharlottePhD student CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-34454E-mail
Hellstrand, JohanFinance officer Administration +45 353-27852E-mail
Henriksen, Karoline LindResearch assistant Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Hernandez Sierra, MariaMaster thesis student Unit of Bacteriology  
Hesselvig, Anne BrunPhD student Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Holmbeck, KennPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 353-31131E-mail
Holst, Peter JohannesAssociate professor CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team +45 353-26476E-mail
Hu, TengpengPhD student Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-34304E-mail
Hultqvist, Louise DahlAssistant professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-27860E-mail
Hviid, LarsProfessor CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-26483E-mail
Høiby, NielsProfessor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-27890E-mail
Idorn, ManjaPhD student   
Jacobsen, Ulla JuelLaboratory assistant  +45 353-37395E-mail
Jahn, Charlotte VilhelmsenLaboratory assistant CMP - ADMIN team +45 353-26371E-mail
Jakobsen, Tim HolmAssistant professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37374E-mail
Janitzek, Christoph MikkelPhD student CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Jee, Mia HamiltonPhD student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Jensen, Anja Tatiana RamstedtProfessor CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-27682E-mail
Jensen, Peter ØstrupAssociate professor Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Jensen, Sanne BrunResearch assistant Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 353-37433E-mail
Jensen, TennaLaboratory technician CMP - GLURP team +45 353-27677E-mail
Jespersen, Jan ErlingLaboratory assistant  +45 353-34285E-mail
Johansen, Dorte HollerSenior adviser CMP - ADMIN team +45 353-27677E-mail
Juhl, MortenPhD student Translational Immunology Group  E-mail
Jäger, Christopher BruceMaster thesis student CMP - DISCOVERY team  E-mail
Jørgensen, Gustav ØrtingBachelor student Experimental Virology Group  
Jørgensen, Nicolai Grønne DahlagerPhD student   E-mail
Jørgensen, Sofie BirkConsultant   E-mail
Jørs, ErikGuest lecturer   
Kana, Ikhlaq HussainResearch assistant CMP - GLURP team +45 353-31541E-mail
Klausen, Uffe   E-mail
Kløverpris, Henrik NyhusAssociate professor Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +27745466625E-mail
Knudsen, Jenny DahlAssistant lecturer   
Knudsen, Jenny DahlClinical associate professor    E-mail
Koch, ClausPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Kolpen, MetteResearcher Unit of Bacteriology  
Kongsbak-Wismann, MartinPostdoc T Cell Biology +45 353-37401E-mail
Kopp, Katharina Luise MariaResearcher   
Kragh, Kasper NørskovPostdoc Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37431E-mail
Krejsgaard, Thorbjørn FrejAssociate professor Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-37426E-mail
Kristensen, Vibeke AarupPhD student Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Kurtzhals, JørgenHead of studies CMP - PATHOGENESIS team +45 26 29 00 39E-mail
Kury, Evelyn UlrikeLaboratory technician  +45 353-33500E-mail
Kvich, Lasse AnderssonResearch assistant Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-32960E-mail
Kyei-Baafour, Eric Yaw CMP - GLURP team  E-mail
Køllgaard, Tania Maria SimonsenAssistant professor  +45 353-32795E-mail
Lange, MaleneLaboratory intern CMP - DISCOVERY team  E-mail
Larsen, Mads DelboMaster thesis student CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-34418E-mail
Lavstsen, ThomasAssociate professor CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27213E-mail
Lerche, Christian JohannTeaching assistant   E-mail
Lindemose, SørenAcademic officer Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-32971E-mail
Line, LauraPhD student Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Litman, ThomasProfessor Immunology +45 353-35982E-mail
Lopez-Perez, MaryPostdoc CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-37854E-mail
Lundsager, Mia ThorupResearch assistant Translational Immunology Group  E-mail
Lyhne, Ellen KirstineLaboratory technician Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37265E-mail
Madsen, Jens HedelundLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Madsen, Mette UllaLaboratory technician CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-27678E-mail
Magnussen, PascalAssociate professor CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-31436E-mail
Maini-Thorsen, Anne-Sofie WielandStudent assistant International Health Unit +45 353-26848E-mail
Marker, OlePart-time lecturer  +45 47 31 49 97E-mail
Mas, Laura GallMaster thesis student Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Masoud, Fahmy RashidMaster thesis student CMP - DISCOVERY team  E-mail
Mathiasen, Sarah LykkemarkMaster thesis student Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Matondo, Sungwa CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Meisser, Sanne SteengaardPhD student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Met, ÖzcanAssociate professor Immunology  E-mail
Mkumbaye, Sixbert CMP - DISCOVERY team  E-mail
Moser, Claus ErnstPart-time lecturer  +45 35 45 64 28E-mail
Mraz, VeronikaLaboratory assistant T Cell Biology +45 31 32 23 76E-mail
Mørk, LouiseLaboratory technician T Cell Biology +45 353-36603E-mail
Nag, SidselPhD student CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-27680E-mail
Nastasi, ClaudiaPostdoc Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-22907E-mail
Nazerai, LoulietaPhD student Experimental Virology Group +45 50 12 83 32E-mail
nbt425, nbt425Research assistant Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-27875E-mail
Neukirch, LasseMaster student CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team +45 353-33320E-mail
Nguyen, Bang Thi TuyetLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Nielsen, Anne KirstineLaboratory technician Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-26659E-mail
Nielsen, Katrine FinderupMaster student CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 26 29 70 26E-mail
Nielsen, LotteLaboratory technician Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-37421E-mail
Nielsen, Morten AgertougAssociate professor CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26803E-mail
Nielsen, Morten MilekInternational researcher T Cell Biology +45 353-37480E-mail
Nielsen, Susanne LückingLaboratory technician CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27108E-mail
Nielsen, Tea KirkegaardPostdoc CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team +45 353-37568E-mail
Nielsen, Thomas EilandAffiliate Professor Unit of Bacteriology  E-mail
Nilsson, Carl Martin PeterAssistant professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37458E-mail
Nissen, Mogens HolstProfessor Eye Research Unit +45 353-27268E-mail
Nordmaj, Mie AnemonePhD student CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-34140E-mail
Norup, Liselotte RothmannResearch assistant Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-34723E-mail
Nydahl, Tine KliimMaster student CMP - DRUGS team +45 353-31727E-mail
Olofsson, Gitte HolmenPhD student Inflammation and Cancer  
Olsen, Rebecca WendelboePhD student CMP - TARGETS team +45 353-34615E-mail
Paludan, Søren Riis   
Partey, Frederica Dedo CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-21563E-mail
Pedersen, Adam Frederik SanderAssociate professor CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27643E-mail
Pedersen, Anders BoutrupMaster thesis student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Pedersen, Isabella SkandorffMaster thesis student CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Pedersen, Lars ØstergaardAffiliate Professor Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Pedersen, Sara RamPhD student  +45 353-37410E-mail
Pehrson, CarolineResearch assistant CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Petersen, David LeanderResearch assistant Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-37387E-mail
Petersen, David LeanderPostdoc   
Petersen, Jens Emil VangPostdoc CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27549E-mail
Petersen, Trine HilkjærPhD student T Cell Biology +45 353-37485E-mail
Pfluger, Lisa ElenaMaster thesis student T Cell Biology  
Pham, Van LongPhD student Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 91 94 08 90E-mail
Plon, Ludwig Johannes BennoLaboratory assistant  +45 353-37393E-mail
Poulsen, Grazyna Hahn   E-mail
Prentø, Jannick CorneliusPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Prentø, Jannick CorneliusAssociate professor Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Quintana Varon, Maria del PilarPostdoc CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-32808E-mail
Ragonnaud, Emeline CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team +45 35 35 73 07E-mail
Ramirez Almeida, SantseharayAssociate professor Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Rasmussen, Peter Overbeck SharmaLaboratory technician Experimental Virology Group +45 353-31892E-mail
Richter, AnjaPostdoc Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-28110E-mail
Richter, AnjaPostdoc Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-28110E-mail
Rode, Anna Kathrine ObelitzPhD student T Cell Biology +45 20 85 36 30E-mail
Rybtke, Morten LevinAssistant professor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-26658E-mail
Sachse, Emilie SøndergaardMaster student CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-37510E-mail
Salanti, AliProfessor CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-27676E-mail
Salomonsen, JanPart-time lecturer  +45 23 29 59 93E-mail
Samdal, Nils ErikDepartment administrator Administration +45 353-27940E-mail
Sand, Nicolai TueMaster thesis student CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Scheel, Troels Kasper HøyerAssociate professor Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program +45 38 62 60 54E-mail
Schmidt, Anne SaabyPhD student Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-30565E-mail
Schmiegelow, ChristentzePostdoc CMP - Foetal for NCD +45 353-26481E-mail
Schwarz, Daniel   
Schwerdtfeger, MelanieErasmus master student CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team  E-mail
Settnes, Osvald PeterPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Singh, Susheel KumarAssistant professor CMP - GLURP team +45 353-27175E-mail
Skjødt, Mikkel-OlePart-time lecturer   E-mail
Slot, Kenneth KauffmannLaboratory technician, trainee CMP - DRUGS team  E-mail
Smith, CeciliaPhD student CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-33951E-mail
Spliid, Charlotte BredoMaster thesis student CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 31 40 47 57E-mail
Spliid, Charlotte BredoResearch assistant   
Staalsø, TrineAssistant professor CMP - PATHOGENESIS team +45 353-26654E-mail
Stapleton, Phillip WilliamMaster thesis student Inflammation and Cancer  E-mail
Suarez Gomez, Cristina MariaMaster thesis student Infectious Immunology Group  
Svendsen, Signe GoulPostdoc Eye Research Unit +45 353-27397E-mail
Søndergaard, Magnus FriisLaboratory technician CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Sønderholm, MajkenPhD student Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37396E-mail
Teller, Louis Mathias DreyerMedical student Laboratory of Experimental Immunology  E-mail
Thaarup, Ida ClementPhD student Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-34384E-mail
Theander, Thor Grundtvig CMP - Head of Unit  E-mail
Theisen, MichaelSenior researcher CMP - GLURP team +45 353-27617E-mail
Thomadsen, Hanne Maria MøllerLaboratory technician Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-27887E-mail
Thomsen, Allan RandrupProfessor Experimental Virology Group +45 353-27871E-mail
Thomsen, KimPart-time lecturer   
thor Straten, Eivind PerClinical professor Immunology  E-mail
Thrane, SusanPostdoc CMP - VAR2CSA team +45 353-26375E-mail
Thurøe, Anne KjærgaardSenior laboratory technician  +45 353-27858E-mail
Tiendrebeogo, Regis WendpayangdePostdoc CMP - GLURP team +45 353-32338E-mail
Tolker-Nielsen, TimProfessor Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-37373E-mail
Turner, LouiseSenior researcher CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27685E-mail
Uddbäck, Ida Elin MariaPhD student Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-37409E-mail
Udrea, Andreea-CorneliaLaboratory intern CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team  E-mail
Udsen, Maja SøbergResearch assistant Eye Research Unit +45 353-36995E-mail
Vaaben, Anna ViktoriaMaster thesis student CMP - DISCOVERY team  E-mail
van der Puije, William Nii-AnegePhD Fellow CMP - PATHOGENESIS team +45 353-21590E-mail
Vennervald, Birgitte J   
Villalba Lopez, DanielMaster thesis student T Cell Biology  E-mail
Visti, Maiken Høwning CMP - SURFACE team +45 353-27601E-mail
von Essen, Marina RodePart-time lecturer Laboratory of Experimental Immunology  E-mail
Wang, Christian WilliamAssociate professor CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27767E-mail
Wang, Christian WilliamAssociate professor CMP - DISCOVERY team +45 353-27767E-mail
Wassermann, TinaBioanalyst Unit of Bacteriology +45 353-27695E-mail
Weber, Julie FriisLaboratory technician Infectious Immunology Group +45 353-27277E-mail
Wiborg, Christina Sylvester-HvidPart-time lecturer  +45 28 84 70 70E-mail
Wiggers, AstridMedical student CMP - EXPVACC/LEV team  E-mail
Willerslev-Olsen, AndreasPostdoc Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-27754E-mail
Winther, IdaLaboratory technician   E-mail
Wolfisberg, RaphaelPostdoc Copenhagen Hepatitis C Program  E-mail
Yilmaz, Merve MelikeLaboratory intern CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Zangenberg, MikePhD student CMP - PATHOGENESIS team  E-mail
Zocca, Mai-Britt   
Ødum, NielsProfessor Inflammation and Cancer +45 353-27879E-mail
Ørum-Madsen, Maj SofiePhD student CMP - VAR2CSA team  E-mail
Østerbye, ThomasAssociate professor Laboratory of Experimental Immunology +45 353-37416E-mail