Vaccines, cancer therapeutics and diagnostic
in the VAR2CSA Team

The research in the VAR2CSA Team is very diverse and covers vaccines, cancer therapeutics and diagnostic.
We focus on vaccines against infectious diseases such as malaria, covid19 and influenza, but also against chronic disease such as cancer. The team is also pioneering cancer therapeutics, both drug conjugates and immune therapy,
as well as cancer diagnostics.


























Morten Agertoug Nielsen
Associate Professor

 Ali Salanti 

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Ali Salanti Professor +4535327676 E-mail
Andreas Frederiksen Laboratory Technician   E-mail
Anne Corfitz Laboratory Technician +4535327678 E-mail
Benjamin Jacobsen Laboratory Technician +4526566957 E-mail
Caroline Bang Løppke PhD Student   E-mail
Charlotte Malassé Communications Officer +4535325051 E-mail
Dorte Holler Johansen Senior Consultant +4535327677 E-mail
Kara-Lee Aves PhD Student   E-mail
Mette Ørskov Agerbæk Assistant Professor +4535327613 E-mail
Morten Agertoug Nielsen Associate Professor +4535326803 E-mail
Muhammad Tauseef Mukhtar Laboratory Technician +4551882399 E-mail
Nahla Chehabi Laboratory Technician +4535326806 E-mail
Nanna Dalgaard PhD Student   E-mail
Nicolai Tue Sand Research Assistant   E-mail
Sabrina Damiri Laboratory Technician +4535327325 E-mail
Sara Regina Bang-Christensen Postdoc   E-mail
Sayit Mahmut Erdogan Assistant Professor +4535331653 E-mail
Swati Choudhary Assistant Professor +4535331884 E-mail
Tobias Gustavsson Associate Professor +4535332223 E-mail