Pathogenesis and management of severe malaria team (PATHOGENESIS)

Team PATHOGENESIS presentation picture

Mission and vision:

To improve the management of severe malaria.

While waiting for an efficient vaccine against malaria we focus our research on the acute treatment of severe malaria. We wish to decrease the morbidity and mortality of severely ill malaria patients and to provide beneficial adjunctive treatment.

Description of our group:

We are a dynamic group consisting of medical doctors and scientists focusing our interest on improving the management of malaria. This work spans a range of activities from basic research in parasitology and pathogenesis, aiming at identifying targets for intervention, to clinical trials in our partner country, Ghana.

The Pathogenesis group is situated in the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet). We have close collaborations with several teams and groups at the CMP including: DISCOVERY, DRUGS, TARGETS, and SURFACE.

Focus of research:

  • Clinical studies
    • Antimalarial use in specific patient categories
    • Investigations of iron deficiency and malaria
    • Interaction between malaria and co-infections
  • Malaria pathogenesis
    • Malarial anaemia
    • Iron deficiency and infectious diseases
    • Cerebral malaria
    • Glycosylation of endothelial cells and erythrocytes in malaria
    • Pregnancy-associated malaria
  • Parasite virulence

We approach hypotheses using P. falciparum grown in vitro as well as experimental infections with murine Plasmodium species.

We routinely use techniques including flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, bead-based assays (Luminex), electron and confocal microscopy, western blotting and PCR.

We collaborate closely with the diagnostic parasitology laboratory of Copenhagen University Hospital and are involved in projects relating to clinical parasitology in addition to our core research interests.

We participate in Building Stronger Universities activities in Ghana with support from DANIDA.

External collaborators:

  • George Obeng Adjei et al. (CTCPT, University of Ghana Medical School)
  • Kojo Koram et al. (NMIMR, University of Ghana)
  • Nicolas Opoku et al. (Hohoe Municipality Hospital, Ghana)
  • Fred Binka et al. (University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana)
  • Akinwale Efunshile (Medical Microbiology Department, Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria)
  • Georges Grau and Valery Combes (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Poul Hyttel (Department of Veterinary, Clinical and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen)
  • Henrik Clausen (Centre for Glycomics, University of Copenhagen)
  • Jon Sporing (DIKU, University of Copenhagen)
  • Sergey Kapishnikov (Helmholz Centrum Berlin, Germany)
  • Flemming Fryd Johansen (BRIC, University of Copenhagen)
  • Bjarne Styrishave (Farma, University of Copenhagen)
  • Kim Kristensen (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)

For more information about this team, please contact the PATHOGENESIS team leader