12 October 2022

Mtove G et al. Malar J 21: 292, 2022

Mtove G, Minja DT, Abdul O, Gesase S, Maleta K, Divala TH, Patson N, Ashorn U, Laufer MK, Madanitsa M, Ashorn P, Mathanga D, Chinkhumba J, Gutman JR, ter Kuile FO, Møller SL, Bygbjerg IC, Alifrangis M, Theander T, Lusingu JP and Schmiegelow C. The choice of reference chart affects the strength of the association between malaria in pregnancy and small for gestational age: an individual participant data meta-analysis comparing the Intergrowth-21 with a Tanzanian birthweight chart. [PubMed]

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