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Dominique at the Nikon TE 200-E confocal microscope

Atomic Force Microscopy

The Multimode V AFM at HCØWe have access to a MultiMode V Scanning Probe atomic force microscope (AFM) at the Nano-Science Center located at the H. C. Ørsted Institute at University of Copenhagen. The AFM is a high-resolution scanning probe microscope with a resolution in the order of nanometers - more than 1,000 times better than the optical diffraction limit. The AFM "feels" the surface with a mechanical probe like a pickup on a gramophone and it allows the user to make a topographic image of the surface. Due to the nanometer resolution it is possible to image single antigens and investigate the size and distribution of these. The AFM also offers the opportunity to make single molecule force spectroscopy. With this technique it is possible to measure the mechanical properties of single molecules like the adhesion force between two proteins. By functionalizing the AFM tip with an antibody and scanning the surface of malaria infected erythrocytes it is possible to map the energy landscape based on the interaction between the antibody and the antigen. CMP contacts: Jonas Bruun and Lars Hviid

Confocal microscopy

We have a Nikon TE 200-E Nikon Eclipse confocal microscope at CMP. Contact: Dominique Bengtsson