VACCINATION: How do I get work-related vaccinations at CMP? – University of Copenhagen

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How to get work-related vaccinations at CMP 

CMP employees must be properly protected against work-related infectious disease health risks.

An important part of this is to make sure that all those working in the laboratory with blood-related products have been vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Furthermore, those travelling for CMP to areas, where vaccinations are required or advised, should have the necessary immunizations before embarking on such travel.

If you require such immunizations, please fill and submit the Immunization Request Form

Once you have received the signed form, call the Travel Vaccination Service at Rigshospitalet, Dept. 8622, Blegdamsvej 9 (tel. 3537 3507 [Mo-Th 11:00-14:45, Fr 11:00-14:00], and arrange for a time to receive the vaccinations.

OBS! You will be required to pay for your vaccinations at the time of vaccination.

However, if you have your Immunization Request Form was approved by e-mail from the physician examining it, and if your team leader has approved the vaccination, you can claim the expense by including it in your accounting in RejsUd. Note that CMP will only cover the expenses for the work-related vaccinations if you attach a copy of the Vaccination Request Form approval e-mail in RejsUd.