CALENDARS: How can I use the CMP web site calendars efficiently? – University of Copenhagen

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How to use the CMP web site calendars efficiently

There are several calendar systems at the CMP web site. The main calendar and the calendar of conferences are both accessible from the left menu. 

Part of the CMP web site left menu

The Calendar page

The Calendar page shows an overview of meetings and other events at CMP. Days with one or more events are shown in grey. 

Pointing with the mouse on any day with events brings up a popup window with headlines and times of meetings for that day. Clicking on a headline in the popu window brings up a popup event window with more details about the event.

The Calendar page

Copying Calendar events to your Outlook calendar 

You can copy any event in the CMP calendar to your personal Outlook calendar in just three clicks.

  1. Click "Export" at the bottom of the event window to open a File Download window
  2. Click "Open" in the File Download window to open an Appointment window in Outlook
  3. Click "Save and close" in the Outlook appointment window to paste the event into your Outlook calendar. Voila!

Those who are registered as Users of the calendar can enter new events in the calendar, and later edit or delete them as necessary. Contact if you need to enter events in the calendar. Users can login to the CMP calendar system from the link in the right column of the Calendar page

Staying up-to-date with meetings added to the calendar

It is easy to make sure that you do not miss meetings entered in the CMP calendar. Subscribe to the RSS feed of calendar events by clicking the RSS logo or RSS Feed link in the right column of the page. You can then configure the RSS feeder in your web browser to alert you when the calendar is updated.

CMP public events of more general interest 

Major events involving CMP but of more general interest, such as Ph.D. defences, invited lectures, seminars, etc. are also announced in right column boxes on the home page and on the Calendar page of the web site. To make sure that an event that you are involved in is announced this way, send the details to

You can easily get lists of Coming events and  Previous events by clicking the appropriate subheadings in the Calendar left-menu. 

Temporary visitors at CMP

Temporary visitors to CMP can be announced in a right box on the web site if you send an e-mail to with information about who, when, why etc. (preferably include a picture of the guest).

Conferences etc.

A list of upcoming Conferences can be found in the left menu. To have a conference, congress, meeting etc. included in this list, send an e-mail to with an Internet hyperlink to the event.