Seminar with Lou Miller and Sue Pierce (NIH, Washington DC, USA) – University of Copenhagen

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Seminar with Lou Miller and Sue Pierce (NIH, Washington DC, USA)

Lou MillerSue PierceThis malaria research seminar will include talks by Drs. Lou Miller and Sue Pierce, NIH, Washington DC, USA and talks by CMP scientists.




  • Sue Pierce (NIH): Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul: why antibody immunity to malaria is so slow to develop
  • Lou Miller (NIH): The control of antigenic variation in Plasmodium falciparum: a new piece of the puzzle
  • Anja TR Jensen (CMP): Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 domain cassette 4 binds ICAM1 and induces cross-reactive and adhesion-inhibitory antibodies 
  • Thomas Lavstsen (CMP): New insights to var gene recombination and evolution and evolvability per se
  • Lea Barfod (CMP): A cross-reactive, PfEMP1 DBL-γ-specific human monoclonal IgG antibody
  • Jørgen Kurtzhals (CMP): Adjunct treatment of severe malaria
  • Mette Agerbæk (CMP): Development of a placental malaria/HPV vaccine

Time and place:

09:00-12:00 Auditorium 22.0.19, Centre for Medical Parasitology, 02 July 2012, Bartholinsgade 2.