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CMP ad hoc Journal Club

We have started an ad hoc Journal Club for those who would like to discuss new and exciting papers with other CMP members. The club has no fixed meeting schedule, and we will only meet when a member has found an exciting paper and sent an invition to the other members. This system also ensures that only those interested in this kind of thing will be informed about where and when they will take place. Read on!


If you would like to join the ad hoc Journal Club, do this:

  1. Sign up here: 
  2. Follow the instructions in the e-mail you will receive
  3. Wait for approval of your application by the list moderator (this is to protect the Journal Club from being misused by spammers)
  4. If you later decide to leave the Journal Club, you can remove yourself from the club using the same link above


Once you have joined, you will receive e-mail invitations to ad hoc Journal Clubs organized by CMP members, and the meetings will be automatically entered into your Outlook calendar (and removed again, if the Journal Club is cancelled). If you want to participate in a given Journal Club you have been invited to, do this:

  1. Click "Accept" in the invation e-mail to give the organizer an idea of how many will come (this only applies if the organizer has requested replies - see below). If you have previously accepted to participate in a Journal Club, but later decide not to do so, it would be polite to decline the invitation in Outlook - so the organizer has an up-to-date idea how many are likely to turn up). If there is no "Accept/Decline" option, you can simply turn up at the meeting.
  2. Read the paper before the Journal Club!
  3. Participate in the discussion!


If you have read an interesting paper and would like to convene an ad hoc Journal Club to discuss it, do this:

  1. Log in to the CMP calendar ( If you do not have access to the calendar, get a user name and a password by sending an e-mail to
  2. Enter the requested details regarding your Journal Club. Please pay attention to the following mandatory (red arrows) and optional (green arrows) fields illustrated below: Event Title (Enter "Journal Club"), Event Description (see example below), Location (if free, book the Library/"Kapellet"), URL (enter address where the manuscript can be found - if you do not choose to attach it; see below), Category (choose "Journal Club"). Please make sure to also select the correct date/time (1 h duration will normally be appropriate).
  3. Once you have created the meeting, click on the event while still logged into the CMP Calendarix calendar. A popup window like this should appear:
  1. Click "Export", then click "Open" to open the associated .ics meeting invitation file, which should look something like this:
  2. Modify the invitation settings as required: Set and apropriate Reminder (e.g. 1 h), and set response options (click the "Response options" button and make sure that the "Request Responses" option in turned on). It would be a nice service to Journal Club participants if you attach the paper to be discussed (click the "Insert" tab, then the "Attach File" button").
  3. Send the invitation to the e-mail adress This will distribute the invitation to all those who have joined the ad hoc Journal Club. Thus, only those who have indicated an interest in this kind of thing will receive your invitation.
  4. It is perhaps a good idea for the organizer to prepare some sort of introduction, but no fixed rules apply.
  5. If you decide to cancel a Journal Club organized this way, simply delete it from your Outlook calendar. This will prompt Outlook to send cancellations to all those invited, and will remove the Journal Club from their calendars also.